Executive Board

Andrea M. Urueta, President

Howdy! My name is Andrea Urueta and I am the SHPE Phoenix Professional Chapter President. I currently work as an electrical engineer and I am passionate about SHPE because it encourages its members to be positive, innovative and confident. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, playing tennis, and socializing. I look forward to meeting you and hope SHPE Phoenix can be your second familia too!

Jessi Rocha, VP of Outreach

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Career Role: Design Engineer

Company: JASC

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Favorite thing about SHPE: The people I have met in this organization are truly remarkable and inspiring. I have plenty of other reasons for being in SHPE but the support and connections I have made through SHPE are invaluable. I’m surrounded by individuals that just want see each other to grow.

Fun fact: I love to move; dancing, hiking, and cycling being among my favorite forms of movement.

Marvin Rodriguez, VP of Finance

Major: B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona

Career Role: Manufacturing Operations Associate

Company: PepsiCo

Hometown: Nogales, AZ

Favorite thing about SHPE: The people involved and the work we do for the community.

Fun Fact: I don’t remember when was the last time I had a cup of coffee.

Roxana Galvan, VP of Membership

I’m an Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. SHPE has been a center of inspiration, admiration, and promoter of success. The family you make within this community pushes you to be your best. For fun I like to go salsa/bachata dancing, hike, and cook.

Ubaldo Mijares, Secretary

Major: Aerospace Engineering (Astronautics)

Career Role: Spacecraft Engineer

Company: Echostar

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Favorite thing about SHPE: Being an exec board member of SHPEPHX allows me the opportunity to collaborate with an insanely talented team on building a network that promotes opportunities for the hispanic community. In addition to helping my community, I enjoy the networking opportunities that our social events provide!”

Fun Facts: I became a pilot at 18 years old, I like going to the race-track for highspeed thrills, I LOVE movies, I enjoy travelling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures!

José Santana, Webmaster

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Career Role: Software Engineer

Company: American Express

Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite thing about SHPE: The sense of community. I was fortunate enough to receive help and guidance from older SHPE members when I was an undergrad and I now have the opportunity to give back and help those after me.

Fun Fact: I love arts and fashion